Blackjack Betting Rules in the Casino, Part 1

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Blackjack Betting Rules in the Casino, Part 1

A couple of months ago I was standing on the 16th floor of Mount Airy Casino Pa and about to take a late dinner out with my girlfriend. It was a simple table top casino, so I suppose a home game can really work out, as well as people simply grabbing a few minutes in the casino.

As I’m always on the lookout for a good time, I spotted the two ladies who were in an admittedly challenging, but otherwise relaxing environment. One was in the middle of the room and the other was in a booth on the right, looking down at the table top.

You see, we had played two games of blackjack, and I figured that was all she needed to play a couple of hands, I didn’t have the best poker hand in the world, and thus, she needed a little help. So I promptly moved over to the table in the corner to get her to give it a try.

The ball didn’t fall from the sky, but the heated table, her other friends and the humid climate were just enough to keep her occupied and, of course, ready to play. As I didn’t actually know her very well, and I certainly didn’t have the card knowledge to back her up, it was up to me to guide her through the game.

The lady at the middle of the table had only been playing a couple of hands of blackjack, but was quite agitated by the situation. Her dad and little brother had only come in for a quick dinner, so it was quite evident she wanted the attention.

So I asked her, but I didn’t have much more to offer her than a quick dinner out with her girlfriend and a quick game of blackjack, and that’s what she wanted. So I took a seat on the other side of the table and walked up to her. “Are you feeling alright, sir?” the guy next to her gave her a look, and a woman who were next to her responded to the man, “I’m okay, thank you.”