Directions to Mount Airy Casino to the Roof of Your Home

directions to mount airy casino

Directions to Mount Airy Casino to the Roof of Your Home

The directions to mount Airy Casino to the roof of your home are fairly simple, and take about three hours to complete. This is so because you don’t have to have a professional to do this for you, as most of these do it themselves. These instructions are broken down into easy steps so that anyone can follow them.

The first step is to go online and find an online brochure or instruction booklet. Some sources will charge a nominal fee to access the booklet, but if you are looking for this type of thing you may want to save that money to buy yourself an instruction booklet in the future. A few places even offer printed ones for free. They are much cheaper than buying a book, but it is still an investment that will pay off with the durability of your roof.

Once you have a copy of the brochure or booklet, you should use it to plan out the procedure in detail, making sure all of the steps are known before you begin. They usually include a diagram of how the pieces fit together, and the structure of the entire structure. This is useful because it makes it easier to measure your roof and accurately mark out all of the holes.

After that, you should go on to the next step, which is to mount the pieces of the Airy Casino to the roof of your home. You should mark off the positions on your roof where you would like to put the pieces, then place the larger pieces on the roof, including the screws you will be using to fasten them to the roof.

Be sure to use a long stick to screw the pieces into the holes. As you will need to take them off in the future, you need to have a special tool for that.

The final step is to put the other pieces of the Airy Casino onto the roof and secure them in place. This can be done with some leverage, but make sure that you fasten them tightly down in order to keep from damaging the roof.

These directions are only a guide, and you will need to modify them to suit your specific situation. For example, if you have a half-sheet of plywood instead of one full sheet, you will need to adjust the measurements accordingly. Whatever you do, do not use the same guide that I did, and always follow the instructions exactly as written here.