Mount Airy Casino Spa

If you are looking for a break from the hassles of everyday life, consider a visit to the Mount Airy Casino Spa. Here, you will be treated to an abundance of luxuries that will help you unwind after the stress and pressures of life. This casino offers a variety of facilities that will give you the best spa experience in Orlando.

mount airy casino spa

“A day at the spa is like a dream. With such a wide variety of treatments, you could explore an ultimate you – your own secret identity. Enjoy a long hour or two of luxurious pampering before you head out into the real world. We encourage you to discover how rejuvenating a massage can be and how sensual your time spent here could be.” -Debra J. Smith, MSW

The Mount Airy Casino Spa includes over five hundred thousand gallons of luxurious water, seven hundred fifty feet of pristine white sand beaches, and a one hundred and fifty room hotel with four hundred and sixty-four guestrooms. Included in the package is a twenty-one car attached shuttle bus to and from your hotel, a shuttle boat on their twenty-one car nightly ferry, room service that includes light snacks and meals, and a complimentary breakfast each morning. Additional amenities include valet parking, heated swimming pools, tennis and badminton courts, a health club with an indoor running track, a steam room, a steam bath, and an outdoor bar.

In addition to these, guests are welcome to participate in several types of activities. Some activities include tennis and badminton, golf, kayaking, hiking, horseback riding, and biking. Dinner packages include an open bar and special dinner music by a live band, cocktails and beer by the bottle, and unlimited soft drinks. All this is done just minutes from the front door and within walking distance of all of the facilities.

A bonus of the Mount Airy Casino Spa includes access to the Amorette Lodge, a direct extension of the Resort. This is the ultimate destination. There is a great variety of dining options onsite including: Cap’N Fish, T. Lobster, Burger King, Panda Express, Buffalo Wild Wings, and many more. And, if you are feeling especially brave, you may even want to take in the 360-degree ocean view at the Beach Adventure Park!

The Spa and Casino is located just minutes from the world-famous Mount Airy ski resort. So, if you ever find yourself craving some skiing or snowboarding, you will not have to travel out of your way to come to the Mt. Airy area. You can simply take a short drive, step onto the ski/snowboard chairlift, and experience the incredible rush of being off the ground and into the spirit of winter wonderment. No matter what your desires, you will never be disappointed with the Mt. Airy Casino Spa!