Why Choose a Hotel Casino?

mount airy lodge casino

Why Choose a Hotel Casino?

Located in Philadelphia, Mount Airy Lodge Casino offers guests an excellent gaming experience. They are one of the very few slots casinos in the United States and also have a full-service live casino. Located along North Broad Street, it is one of the nicest hotels to stay at in Philadelphia and has several accommodations to fit any budget. Located right in the center of Philadelphia, it offers many different amenities like a day spa, pools, bars, and restaurant that visitors can use when they visit the casino.

For those guests that don’t want to gamble, they can visit the casino and purchase their favorite newspaper from the vendor located on the grounds. When the casino is closed, patrons can read their favorite newspaper while sipping a soda. Or, if that is not to their liking, they can walk right outside the hotel and take a swim in one of the large indoor pools in the casino.

The dining options offered at Mount Airy Lodge Casino are extensive. There are more than eighty full-service restaurants on site, including a Thai, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Irish, Greek, and Polish establishment. The full-service eateries offer everything from casual to the most luxurious of cuisines. Guests that are looking for ethnic food can choose to dine at any of the restaurants, or even go down to the casino, where they can eat as they play slot machines.

After you finish playing your favorite slot machines, you can enjoy a snack at the nearby Starbucks or enjoy some alcoholic beverages at the numerous bars and lounges. With one of the largest swimming pools in the country, Mount Airy Lodge Casino is also home to a diving center and an outdoor cinema. No matter what activity you choose to do at the casino, the casino is easy to navigate.

To ensure a fun, memorable time, guests can play slots at the Poker Room, or select from a variety of table games. If gambling is not your thing, they also offer both slot and video poker, which are both played on the same machines. Guests can either gamble or play a simple game of blackjack. They even have an arcade to play pinball and other fun games.

For those that want to gamble, they have more than eighty slots available at the casino. There are twenty-one types of tables available at the casino and each table will cost about the same amount. When you choose to play at the casino, you will need to place your deposit first and then you will receive a certain amount of chips to play.

If you want a full service casino experience, Mount Airy Lodge Casino is the place to be. With the location just steps away from Penn’s Landing, the casino is just minutes away from all of the action.